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Our Story

The story of Castifi begins on set. When our CEO, Rum Sheikhani, was working as a Production Accountant, she witnessed firsthand how even the highest level production companies in Hollywood handled casting the traditional way - long phone lines with casting directors, stacks and stacks of paperwork to be filled out manually, and talent left guessing when they would be paid.

Casting in the 21st Century
In response, Rum started Castifi - a platform solution that simplifies the background casting process. Castifi leverages technology to disrupt the industry standard and streamline the once-painful process of finding, hiring, managing, and paying background talent. Castifi was founded upon the core principle of treating all actors with fairness. Our community of talent is always treated with the utmost respect and paid in a timely manner. In return, we’ve amassed a loyal and professional database of talent ready for their next production.


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