Payroll Partners

Our trusted entertainment payroll partners ensure accurate and timely payments every time.

Castifi partners with ABS Payroll

Castifi & ABS have partnered to create a seamless experience for our talent and producers. This means that every time you book talent with us, you'll never have to worry about accounting, legal, or tax compliance. We handle that for you.

ABS Payroll

As an entertainment payroll company, ABS knows the unique challenges that production teams face. From tight timetables to compliance with the various industry unions.

ABS is an employer-of-record payroll company, which means they handle the employer’s payroll obligations for everyone they pay out. This includes:

- SAG-AFTRA compliance and paperwork
- Compliance with wage/hour laws and regulations
- Tax withholdings in all States-Employee and employer tax filings and reporting
- Worker’s Compensation Insurance coverage and claim management
- Unemployment claim processing-Union/CBA compliance
- Pension, health and welfare plan contributions and reporting

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