Supercharge your casting workflow.

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Ratings & Reviews

gives you the power to make intelligent casting decisions by curating a pool of talent you love.

Geolocation Services

allows you to know whether your talent is on their way to set, or haven't even left home yet.

Paperless Documentation

go green and allow us to electronically handle Release Forms, W2s, I9s, Exhibit Gs, and more.

Safety & Security

never lose a document or expose private info again. We handle Workers Compensation, taxes and all liabilities.


Find Talent Easily

Whether you're in the office or on the go, you can browse our talent database of thousands of performers from across the nation. Review their profiles for photos, videos, specs, and ratings. With in-app notifications, text messages, and email notifications, you can send availability requests and book confirmations quickly.


Collaborate Across Platforms

Choosing the right talent isn't always a solo decision. Collaborate via laptop, tablet or mobile phone with unlimited team members and allow everyone to vote on their choices and add notes. Once done, you can view all responses and book the perfect fit.


Manage Talent On Set

Your 2nd AD is going to love you forever. No more paperwork and handwritten vouchers. Through our Castifi On Set App, we make it simple to clock in talent, assign pay bumps, and generate accurate Daily Production Reports as soon as your crew wraps. Or, hire one of our Coordinators to come do it for you. Talent approves vouchers on their end through the Castifi Talent App.


Payments with Transparency

Did we mention your Production Accountant will love you too? No more sorting through piles of paper vouchers and Exhibit G's. Once talent is done for the day. Our software calculates the information inputted by your AD team and will send an Edit for approval. Once approved by both the AD team and the talent, we have payment electronically deposited within 48 hours.

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    "As a producer of more than 25 movies and TV series, I’ve been incredibly impressed with Castifi’s proprietary technology for casting, tracking and payroll processes."

    Rich Hull
    CEO -- Pongalo
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    "Castifi's On Set app made it super easy to manage the talent, especially on a day where we had 65 extras. My entire team saved time, and the crew loved using it." 

    Nick Sala
    Production Office Coordinator -- CBS Studios
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    "When filming the digital series "Simi Valley" for Vice's new platform Black Pills. We needed actors who actually lived in Simi Valley - quite far from LA. Castifi came through!"

    Matt Pittman
    Executive Producer -- Alpen Pictures
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    “We have multiple projects going on at any given time, having a quality partner for casting needs is imperative. We could not recommend Castifi highly enough.”

    Kate Grady
    Vice President of Production, Digital -- Adaptive Studios
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    “Castifi provided around the clock support for our team during the production of “Lonely and Horny” Season 2. Their attention to detail and ability to adjust in real time is remarkable!"

    Jillian Jesk
    Co-Founder/Producer of Brevity Wit Productions
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    "This was a tough project as the shoot was in Pismo Beach, CA. We needed 40 young/hip actors within 2 days. Castifi came on and showed the Director a gallery of over 150 great options within 24 hours."

    Isaac Rubio
    Production Manager at Rojas Vision

Work with talent perfect for your production

No matter the size or budget, we have solutions for every type of project

How It Works


Create Your Company Profile

Get in touch with us and we'll set up your profile same day. Start browsing thousands of performer profiles instantly, or create a job and role, then get matched to talent who fits your description.


Find & Cast Talent

Once you've selected your performers, it's easy to book them. We use push notifications, text messages, and/or email to request talent availability and job confirmations. Sit back and watch the confirmations roll in.


Manage On Set & Pay

On the day of production, use the On Set app to clock in your performers. Change in production plans? With custom in-app notifications, you can update all of your booked talent with the click of a button. Payments are handled electronically.

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