Trust & Safety

Never deal with a sketchy casting notice again.

We pride ourselves in creating a safe environment for everyone


Reputation matters
Internal rating and work history for cast and crew members. Our casting team is dedicated to working with you to find the right fit.
Communicate with cast & crew members
The Castifi app provides easy contact with hired cast and crew. Stay in the the loop by reaching out directly through the app.

Making the work count
Daily Edits

We strive for transparency in our billing practices. Straightforward Edits are sent for each day of production accounting for the day’s costs.

Support and assistance
Ready to help
Reach out to Castifi anytime - we’re standing by to ensure your production goes as smoothly as possible.


Getting hired
Reputation matters
Internal notes and ratings for productions. Our team only matches with you with opportunities that are professional, trustworthy, and vetted.
Chat with our Coordinator
Contacting Castifi as an cast or crew member is easy. Ask us any question you might have - we’re here to support you through the process, and you’ll always be able to get answers from a human being, not a robot.

Working Safely

Secure payments

All production staff is paid as quickly and securely as possible - usually within 5 business days or less - by our trusted payroll provider. Our secure payment platform keeps your bank information private and secure.
Transparent Timecards
An hour of work is an hour paid. You can review your timecard information on the Castifi app and contact us directly in the event of an issue or a dispute.

Support and assistance
We’re ready to help
Reach out to your representative anytime and we will assist you and put out fires to ensure your production goes as smoothly as possible.

Standards and expectations
We strive to create an experience that is fun, fast, easy, and safe. Thus, your safety is a primary concern to us.
Castifi has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, abuse, or violence of any kind. If you’re concerned about an incident on set, report it to our crisis team immediately by calling (866) 894-7885. We take reports of incidents involving Castifi cast/crew or Castifi clients very seriously and will work to resolve the issue immediately.
As Castifi continues to grow, we strive to build a community based on trust, so our members can safely pursue their professional goals.

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