Say goodbye to messy handwriting.

Whether your team is 1099 or W2, or if you need Employer of Record or Worker's comp, we've got you covered. Streamlined services for all of your needs.


We're integrated with industry leading accounting tools.



Budget: $5M+

Send Start Work and Time Cards directly from Castifi to GreenSlate in one click through our API integration.

ABS Payroll

Budget: $50K-$5M

Export custom Start Work and Time Cards as Excel from Castifi and upload directly to ABS Payroll's ShareFile.


Production Budgeting

Export your team's times from Castifi and import directly into HotBudget's Payroll Log. Chart of Accounts mapping coming soon.

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Organized, complete documents from Casting, ADs, and Production

  • Document Portal

    Emulating accounting filing cabinets, Castifi attaches every document that a cast or crew member signs to their profile. Find any document in seconds and ditch the physical drawers for good!

    If you need to download every I-9 for a project or a day of production, you can too. Castifi’s form module lets you select exactly the forms you want, see their status and download them in batches.

  • Extras Breakdown

    When you ask a Background Actor to fill out a voucher on the back of their friend, a Production Assistant to create a breakdown by hand, and an exhausted Assistant Director to report that information in a Production Report, it’s easy to see how your cost report may contain errors.

    By going digital, we’re cutting down on errors and working faster. Background actors submit their times through our app, Production reviews the data, disputes times or add bumps if needed, and the report is generated by our software in a couple clicks. We can create custom reports based on your needs, from visual tweaks to specific file formats.


  • I9 Compliance

    Get the peace of mind you need by letting us handle the employment verification process. You’ll never have to proofread an I9 form again, or need to call an actor because their date of birth is missing.

    We use advanced recognition technology and real people to make sure that your company is hiring the right way.

  • Project Codes

    With the advent of new media content production, it’s more necessary than ever to track projects, no matter how small. Castifi gives production and accounting staff the tools to attach custom code to each project in order for cost reports to match accounting records.

  • Chart of Accounts

    Every studio has their own chart of accounts to serve their needs. Castifi lets production companies import their chart of accounts so that cost reports match budgets. We even provide integrations with HotBudget to simplify the actualization process.

    Currently in beta testing.

  • Direct Deposit

    Cutting a check to a vendor is easy. Cutting one hundred checks to cast and crew members is more complex. Losing 3 checks in the mail is a nightmare. Castifi pushes direct deposit on all it’s users to simplify the payment process and avoid re-issuing payments for jobs that have been closed a long time ago.

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    "As a producer of more than 25 movies and TV series, I’ve been incredibly impressed with Castifi’s proprietary technology for casting, tracking and payroll processes.""
    Rich Hull
    Executive Producer - She's All That
You can do a lot with Castifi's accounting tools.
But here are some things you won’t be doing:

Deciphering handwriting.

With our powerful digital document tools, you'll be sending all your forms in seconds, with real-time status updates of when the form is filled out.

Chasing Signatures.

Our integrated payroll system makes it so that you'll never have to worry about chasing someone down for payroll again.

Scanning Documents.

Castifi is mobile-friendly. Go ahead and get casting on the go. You'll never look back.

Paperwork Boxes.

No more worrying about who will handle payroll for your talent. We've baked it in, making it easy for you, the talent, and your customers.

You're in good company.

From commercials to network TV shows, hundreds of crews are going paperless everyday. Read some of our case studies below.

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